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Helping my Child at School

The Education Scotland Parentzone has a lot of information about how you can assist home learning:


How you can help your child/ren reading at home:


Homework and Shared Home Learning
In the early stages parents can help by hearing their children read and talking to their children to promote language skills and numeracy. In the middle and upper stages, work done at home will reflect some of the work done in class. Children should be encouraged to use television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as books as useful resources in the home.

Time Allocation for Home Work
  • P1 - P2: 15 minutes
  • P3: 20 minutes
  • P4 - P7: no more than 25-30 minutes 

Homework is provided for various purposes: practice and consolidation of work done in class; preparation for future class work using resources not available in school; encouragement of parental co-operation; and support and practice in private study.


Parents and Shared Home Learning

Parents have an essential role to play in encouraging and helping young people to organise and complete homework.

Parental Support is of great help and the child's progress usually becomes obvious when parents take an active interest. Recent research, proved that children who receive help at home in reading make better progress than those who do not. We believe that homework is at the forefront of partnership between home and school; it is therefore crucial that parents of our pupils are actively involved in our homework practice as a "helpful presence" when their child is completing homework.

Some of our classes are piloting ‘Shared Home Learning’.  Through this, we hope to enable our children to see the value of learning not only within, but beyond, the classroom.  In this way, Home Learning should support the school’s keys aims of developing pupils as lifelong learners, who take responsibility for their learning, see the purpose and relevance of it, and how it links with ‘real life’.


Home and School Partnership
In Dunard Primary we feel very strongly that education should be a partnership between school and home. To this end we try to involve parents in as many aspects of school life as possible.
After children have enrolled for Primary 1, we invite parents and children to take part in our pre-entrants programme beginning in May. This involves a workshop for parents and play sessions for children. The workshops are very informal and parents' opinions, expertise and experience are respected and valued. The play sessions give the children an opportunity to become familiar with the school, staff and other children, helping them to settle happily in August.
Families are regularly informed about school policy, business and events from newsletters and curricular leaflets issued on a regular basis by the Head Teacher. Class teachers also issue a minimum of one newsletter per term.
Homework diaries, learning logs and/or play diaries for individual pupils offer excellent opportunities for home-school liaison and for parents to be active partners in their child’s learning.