Glasgow City Council Welcome to Dunard Primary School & Nursery Class

Welcome to our school

Dear Parents and Carers,

On behalf of all staff, parents and pupils we are delighted to welcome you and your child to our School and Nursery. We hope that you will find Dunard Primary and Nursery Class a warm, nurturing, caring place where all children are encouraged to achieve their full potential. This is a learning environment in which we respect each other and encourage each other to be the best we can be in all we do.
At Dunard, we seek to foster in our children a positive attitude to learning, citizenship, self, others and the environment. It is important to us to develop the ‘whole’ child and to nurture children who are confident in their own abilities, successful learners, take a pride and responsibility for their community and children who are able to make an effective contribution to society. As such, we wish to focus not only on the academic and aesthetic development of our pupils, but also on their personal and social development. To this end, we wish to work in partnership with you in the important task of developing your child to achieve their fullest potential, helping prepare him/her as a lifelong learner and active citizen in a modern Scotland in the 21st Century.
To achieve these aims and to deliver the most effective education for our pupils, we believe that it is essential to build a strong home-school partnership. Nothing benefits a child more than a close working relationship between school and home. Together we can achieve our aim and produce children and adults of whom we can all be proud.
Many activities are organised throughout the school year, giving parents the opportunity to meet and work with the staff of the school. We look forward to seeing you on as many of these occasions as you can manage.
No worry concerning your child is too small or unimportant to share with us; please feel free to make an appointment to speak with me or my Depute Heads, Mrs McGrinder or Mrs Thomson and we will do everything possible to help.
We are incredibly proud of our school and hope that you and your child will be too.
Kindest regards,
Annemarie Connolly
Head Teacher
Dunard Primary School and Nursery Class