Glasgow City Council Welcome to Dunard Primary School & Nursery Class

Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural Values
As a non-denominational school, no acts of worship will be organised within the formal curriculum.
Central to this policy is the principle of respect for others.
Any parents wishing to withdraw their child from such visits or indeed any participation in religious education may do so by informing the Head Teacher in writing.  The class teacher will set such pupils alternative tasks.
Parents and carers from religions other than Christianity may request that their children be permitted to be absent from school in order to celebrate recognised religious events.  Only written requests detailing the proposed arrangements will be considered.  Appropriate requests will be granted on not more that three occasions (days) in any one school session and the pupil noted in the register using code REL on these days. 
The Buzz Team from Ruchill Church will assist as relevant and appropriate in the following ways:
  • Assisting with curricular delivery
  • Work with our children on cooperation, respect, responsibility, politeness and honesty