Glasgow City Council Welcome to Dunard Primary School & Nursery Class


Assessment takes place throughout the school year in all areas of the curriculum.

It is integrated into the planning process: in the teaching; in summarising success and progress and in providing useful feedback

We continue to develop our use of a range of formative assessment strategies, aimed at progressing pupils’ learning and development.
Assessment is a continuous process.  It is the aim of our assessment policy to:
  • Improve the quality of learning and teaching for all pupils.
  • Recognise success and achievement
  • Raise standards of individual pupil attainment and achievement.
  • Enable a continuum in provision for pupils across the range of stages through nursery into primary and then into secondary school.
  • Enable more effective reporting to parents and pupils
Various methods of assessment are employed on an ongoing basis.  These include both formal and informal observations, structured assessments of practical activities and writing, progress tests and check ups in numeracy and mathematics, and standardised tests if appropriate.
Attainment of levels assessed in this way will be reported in the pupil's final report.  A profile of your child's performance will be discussed by the class teacher at each of 2 parents' evenings, usually in November, and then May.  
Pupil assessment is an important aspect of school life.  It can take many forms but is informative and determines the next steps in learning. Your child will be assessed in what they write, make, say and do.

It is our policy to give every pupil an equal opportunity to participate and share in all learning experiences, formal and informal, that the school provides.

Continual checks are made on every child's progress to ensure that they are achieving their full potential.