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Dunard Parent Council



Scottish Schools and Parental Involvement

  • The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 has changed the arrangements for parental/carer representation in all schools
  • Since August 2007, all parents/carers are automatically members of the Parent Forum for their school and they have a right to establish a Parent Council to represent them


Parent Forum

  • The membership of the Parent Forum is made up of all parents/carers who have a child at an education authority school
  • Membership of the Parent Forum allows parents/carers to have a say in the local arrangements to enable their collective view to be represented on matters such as the quality and standards of education at the school and other matters of interest to parent/carers
  • One of the ways parents/carers in the Parent Forum will be able to express their views will be through the Parent Council

Parent Council

  • Helen Lloyd (Chair)
  • Angela Aderinto (Secretary)
  • Emma Schad (Treasurer)
Parent Council Definition  
  • The Parent Council is a group of parents/carers selected by members of the Parent Forum to represent all the parents/carers of children at the school
  • Parent Councils are very flexible groups and the Parent Forum can decide on the type of group it wants to represent their views. A Parent Council could get involved in:
    • Supporting the work of the school
    • Gathering and representing parents’/carers’ views to the Headteacher, education authority and HMIE
    • Promoting contact between the school, parents/carers, children and the local community
    • Fundraising
    • Involvement in the appointment of senior school staff
  • Parent Councils are recognised in law from August 2007. As a statutory body, the Parent Council has the right to information and advice on matters which affect children’s education. So, the school and the local authority must listen to what the arent Council says and give it a proper response. Every school’s Parent Council will be different because it will be parents/carers in each school who make the key decisions. The Parent Council is also entitled to support from the education authority in fulfilling its role.
  • Additional information on Parent Councils available on the Scottish Parent and Teacher Council (SPTC) web site

Membership of the Parent Council

  • Generally, members of the Parent Council must be parents/carers of children who attend the school and the chairperson must have a child in the school
  • However, the Parent Council can decide to co-opt other members from teachers and the community who will have knowledge and skills to help them
    • A maximum of 15 parents; a minimum of 4
    • A maximum of 6 co-optees, with the number of co-optees always fewer than the number of parents.


Parent Council – Constitution

The Council is known as Dunard Parent Council (DPC).



  • Meetings of the Parent Council shall be held as required.
  • A minimum of 5 council members must be present for meetings to take place
  • If less than 5 members turn up for a given meeting, discussions may ensue but no decisions can be finalised.
  • All Parent Council meetings shall be open and any member of the Parent Forum may attend although they will not have voting rights.



  • To promote close co-operation and communication between parents/carers and teachers.
  • To promote equality and fairness
  • To study and discuss matters of mutual interest relating to the education and welfare of pupils
  • To engage in activities which support and advance the education of pupils attending the school



  • The Parent Council shall have the power to do anything considered by them to be in furtherance of the aims but remembering that they are there to represent the views of the Parent Forum.


General Meetings

  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held each year, as decided by the DPC. The notice calling the meeting will be sent to the Parent Forum preferably two weeks in advance.
  • The business will include:

1. The work of the Parent Council

2. Approval of the accounts (and appointment of an individual who will review the annual accounts if not already agreed during a DPC meeting)

4. Any resolutions submitted by the Parent Forum

5. Election of members to serve on the Parent Council

  • At all general meetings voting will be on the basis of one vote per parent/full Parent Council member present at the meeting.
  • At all general meetings the quorum will consist of 5.
  • The Parent Council or 5 of the Parent Forum have power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting.


Appointment to Membership

Parent Members

  • Full members of DPC will be parents with children attending Dunard (i.e. members of the Dunard Parent Forum, established under the Scottish School (Parental Involvement) Act, 2006)
  • As far as possible, DPC will aim to have members whose children attend a wide diversity of the year groups of the school and include parents who are also committee members of the Dunard after School Care Association and any other organised parents’ groups that exist in the school
  • Parents can nominate themselves to DPC or can be nominated by other parents, either in writing (including text and email) during the school year or in person at one of the PC meetings or an Annual General Meeting of the Dunard Parent Forum.
  • An election, with all members of the Dunard Parent Forum being entitled to vote, will be held in the event of there being more candidates than places in the Parent Council.


  • The Headteacher or his/her representative has a right and a duty to attend meetings of the Parent Council


  • Membership of DPC will be for the  period until the parent/carer has a child attending the school.  Should there be more parents/carers wanting to join the DPC than there are places, a vote will take place to confirm memberships during the next DPC meeting or AGM (whichever is soonest).
  • Existing members can volunteer/be nominated again, but no individual can serve once his/her child(ren) have left Dunard. Members can be removed from DPC outwith the normal period of service only at meetings of the Parent Forum with a majority in favour of removal.
  • A member of the Parent Council failing to attend three consecutive meetings without reason/apologies may be deemed to have retired from the Parent Council.
  • The Parent Council may co-opt up to 6 persons to help carry out its functions. The co-opted members shall retire at the AGM but shall be eligible to be co-opted for a further term.



Office Bearers

  • The Office Bearers will be Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and such others as may be required (although there is no legal requirement to have Office Bearers, there are clear tasks that have to be done).
  • Each Annual General Meeting of Dunard Parents Forum will confirm the Office Bearers for the period of time until the next AGM, by vote of the Parents Forum, present at the meeting.
  • Office Bearers casual vacancies that arise between AGMs, for example through resignations, will be advertised and volunteers or self-nominations sought and voted during the next DPC meeting.
  • The Chairperson shall have both a deliberative and casting vote - one vote as a PC member and one vote as Chair. The Chairperson's casting vote shall be used only in the event of a tie.
  • The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all meetings and shall make these available upon request to any member of the Parent Forum.


Fast Fundraisers

  • A subset of DPC formed by volunteers from the Parents Forum may organise and run Fundraising events on behalf of DPC, however is governed by this constitution.



  • The funds of the DPC shall be lodged in a bank, building society or other account in the name of the DPC. Cheques shall be drawn or withdrawals made against the signatures of at least two named DPC members.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of the financial transactions of the Parent Council. The books shall be brought to balance preferably six weeks before the AGM and the accounts shall be reviewed by an individual appointed at the previous AGM by the Parent Forum (the individual does not have to be a qualified accountant, just someone who is comfortable working with figures, who is not a member of the DPC and whom everyone trusts).
  • The DPC shall be responsible for ensuring that all property/money received by/for the Parent Forum/Council shall be applied for the aims of the DPC. 
  • Any planned expenditure (eg costs of running DPC-related fundraising events) shall be voted during a DPC meeting.
  • If an expenditure approval is required between DPC Meetings, approval can be requested/confirmed via e-mail by a minimum of:
    • < £50: 3 DPC members (one of them must be one of the Office Bearers)
    • > £50: 5 DPC members (three of them must be the Office Bearers)


Changes to the Constitution

  • Changes or additions must be made at an AGM or an EGM called for the purpose. The proposed change shall be specified in the notice calling the meeting and be approved by not less than two thirds of those present.



  • In the event that the DPC ceases to exist, any remaining funds should be distributed for the benefit of the children at the school and/or Local Authority as necessary. 

*In this document ‘parent’ includes guardian and any person who is liable to maintain or has parental responsibilities (within the meaning of section 1(3) of the children (Scotland) act, 1995) in relation to, or has the care of a child or young person. This can include, for example, non-resident parents, carers, including foster carers, relatives and friends who are caring for children.