Glasgow City Council Welcome to Dunard Primary School & Nursery Class

Expressive Arts (Art, Music and Drama)

Children will learn to express themselves in different ways and be creative through Art, Music and Drama.

In addition, they will develop an appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas. Through the development of skill and confidence in the expressive arts, children often develop confidence in other curricular areas.

Their studies in each of these art subjects will centre around 3 themes:

  • Creating
  • Presenting
  • Evaluating

Assessment will be ongoing and continuous, and largely informal.


Our Art and Design policy ensures that every child has access to 3 main outcomes of Art and Design:

  • Using a variety of techniques, materials, skills and media to achieve an individual or co-operative piece of work
  • Expressing feelings and ideas while researching ways of providing solutions to design process problems
  • Building an appropriate vocabulary and responsibility to be able to critically reflect, evaluate and appreciate both their own and others visual responses

Visitors to our establishment will see for themselves the high standard and quality of our artwork displayed both inside and outside our classrooms.

Our Art programme covers drawing, printmaking, design and sculpture.  We also use the ‘Borders’ art pack to address these skills and the contexts are generally linked to interdisciplinary learning. 



The aim of our Music policy is to prepare pupils to take control as the performer, the inventor, the listener, and to prepare pupils for a lifetime of musical experience and enjoyment.

In order to achieve this aim our policy will ensure that pupils gain musical knowledge, understanding and skills by actively taking part in musical experiences.

Our P3s receive ‘expert music tuition’ through Glasgow City Council’s ‘Youth Music Initiative’ programme.

Our Nursery – P7 pupils are provided with many opportunities to experience and learn about music through visiting specialists, assemblies, outings to concert hall, interdisciplinary learning, shows, concerts and community events.



We use drama across all curricular areas to deepen children’s understanding of a situation, shape children’s responses and increase self-confidence and respect for each other.

Drama is ongoing throughout the school year.  We have regular assemblies at which classes present their drama productions to the rest of the school.

At the end of terms, particularly Christmas and summer, classes present drama activities to parents and friends of the school.  We use Borders Drama Pack to ensure that our pupils have access to high quality experiences in this curricular area.