Glasgow City Council Welcome to Dunard Primary School & Nursery Class

Active Citizenship and Pupil Voice

In addition to the development of pupil's academic, social and aesthetic skills, the school places much importance on developing our pupils as Active Citizens (incorporating Education for Citizenship and PSD).

This is important because every society needs people who can contribute effectively, in a variety of ways, to the future health, wealth and success of communities and the environment, locally, nationally and globally.

Our pupils must be regarded as citizens today rather than citizens in waiting. They are more likely to succeed in school when they are involved in decision making. We have representatives from nursery to P7 who are democratically elected annually by their peers to our Pupil Council and ECO groups.
We regularly seek their views and endeavour to facilitate their excellent ideas.
Through Active Citizenship we will help develop children as citizens by providing them with opportunities to: 
  • Participate in decision making
  • Participate actively in relevant learning experiences across the curriculum
  • Learn to make connections between different areas of study through cross-curricular experiences relevant to Active Citizenship
  • Understand, participate in and contribute to the life of communities to which they belong
  • Develop the capacity for self-regulation
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of community faiths and values
This curricular area is where our strong and shared value system is formally promoted. These values are:
  • Care
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Cooperation
  • Honesty
These underpin every aspect of school life and will be key in fostering active and responsible citizens. We work hard to maintain a culture in which these values are both evident and nurtured.

Key areas of focus will include
Global Citizenship, Living Values, Personal Development and Social Development.
Key themes, which will permeate programme content and are highlighted as a whole school focus, are: Anti Bullying, Anti Racism, Anti Sectarianism, Equality of Opportunity, Financial Competence and Environmental Issues.
Active Citizenship does not stand on its own; it is part and parcel of every area of study and of all teaching and learning, in both the hidden and formal, curriculum.
Our community partnership with the Buzz Team ensures that our values are taught through exciting workshops in school.
Examples of active citizenship and pupil voice are found in various groups led by pupils. Our pupils often lead assemblies to share information with the pupil body.
In addition to the Pupil Council who share information with our pupil body about the work of the school and who organise Fairtrade events, there is the Travel Plan Team and JRSOs who encourage us to walk or cycle to school, and the Eco-School Committee who organise recycling, reducing, reusing and planting events ( A principle aim of each group is to make our community – local or global – a safer, better and healthier place for its citizens.
We have gained our First ‘Green Flag’ award and are working hard to gain No.2!
Each of these groups is also a fine example of enterprising attitudes and behaviours in education!