Glasgow City Council Welcome to Dunard Primary School & Nursery Class


Please find below the classification for Dunard Primary School and Nursery Class for Session 2017/18. Our school roll has risen by 41 which is a very positive sign. Our projected school roll is 335 plus 60 nursery children.

Management Team

  • Annemarie Connolly - Head Teacher
  • Caroline Linskaill - Depute Head Teacher
  • Julie McGrinder - Depute Head Teacher 0.6 (maternity)

In session 2017 – 2018 we have 12 classes organised as follows: 

Nursery Class 30/30

  • Ms Wilma Corbett - Child Development Officer Team Leader 
  • Mrs Joyce Payne - Child Development Officer
  • Mrs Charlotte Antyras - Child Development Officer

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 Primary School Teachers and PSAs

Class (Pupils) Teacher(s) Pupil Support Assistants (PSA)
P1a (23)

- Mon and Tue: Ms Susan Connolly

- Wed, Thur and Fri: Ms Nicola McCafferty

Mrs Sandra Hinds
P1b (25) 

- Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri: Ms Jacqueline Smith
- Wed: Ms Ruth Kelso

Ms Donna Hendry
P2a (30) Ms Morrisey Ms Jackie McAllister
P2b (30)  Mr Iain Luke Ms Jackie McAllister
P3 (30)

- Mon, Tue and Wed: Ms Lorna Groden

- Thur and Fri: Ms Jo Crotty

Mrs Annette Millar
P4/3 (25)

Ms Claire McEachran

P5/4 (28) - Mon and Tue: Mr Kevin Stevenson
- Wed, Thur and Fri: Ms Deborah McAuley
Ms Fiona Lynch (cover Annette)
P5 (32) Mr Andrew Rawlings Ms Jane Hogg
P6 (28) Ms Christie Ford Ms Jane Hogg
P7/6 (24) Mr Stuart Cheyne (Acting Principal) Ms Elizabeth Crawley
P7 (30)

- Mon and Tue: Mr Archie Montgomery

- Wed, Thurs and Fri: Mr Kevin Stevenson 

Ms Elizabeth Crawley
Raising Attainment

- Wed, Thur and Fri: Mr Archie Montgomery

- Wed, Thur and Fri: Ms Susan Connolly

English as an Additional Language Teacher Mrs Laura Lui (Thurs and Fri)
NCCT (Non Class Contact Time)

Ms Debbie McAuley

Ms Lindsey Cook

Ms Jo Crotty

Music Specialist (YMI) Ms Deirdre Graham



Pupil Support Assistants

  • Elizabeth Crawley
  • Donna Hendry
  • Sandra Hinds
  • Jane Hogg
  • Fiona Lynch
  • Jackie McAllister
  • Annette Millar 

Office Clerical Staff 

  • Lesley Fraser
  • Christine Joss
  • Michelle Martin

Dining Staff

  • Nicola
  • Lily
  • Gail
  • Margaret 

Cleaning Staff

  • Kathy
  • Susan
  • Elaine
  • James


  • George Anderson

Crossing Patrol

  • Pauline

Active School Co-Ordinator

  • Steven Gilliland